Where is the best place to do VC modeling and how to I move it to other systems?
Answer: The best place to prototype VC modeling is in a client with no transactional data. Once you use your models in a sales or production order, many VC changes are no longer allowed to preserve the consistency of the transaction data. Ideally your VC “golden” client will not allow transactional data at all. Once your prototypes are working you can use ALE (Application Link Enabling) to move the different VC model components to the Test, QA and finally Productive Environments

A customer returned a make to order product, it isn’t defective, so what can I do with it? The return is stuck in sales order stock!
Answer: You have three options a) create a service order to tear down the unit and put the components back into stock. b) Create a material variant with the exact same configuration and “wash” the KMAT from sales order into unrestricted stock as a FERT (Normal Finished good) with movement type 411E. c) Don’t allow custom orders to be returned unless defective.  One client allows customers to engrave custom text on the product. The cost is free, but the caveat is the consumer cannot return the product unless defective. This simple process has given the client an advantage in the marketplace -and- reduced returns by over 85%.


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