Scoping: Based on the complexity of your product lines, availability of your in-house resources and program timelines, we will map out a solution and project plan that is, well, made-to-order.

Design: A good product model is critical to the success of your project. Poor designs, and the inevitable rework is the number one cause of performance issues and project failure. Getting it done right depends on bringing in the experts, not Big 4 hacks. If your products cannot be configured quickly and easily, if they donít price correctly, or if the orders pass to production in unbuildable configurations, then what is the point? It canít be just sales or engineering or production control in a vacuum.  All your Ďducksí need to be in a row, flying straight.


Build: It has been said there are 10 ways to do anything in SAP® but only one optimal way from the perspective of system performance, usability and scalability. If you donít have the time to do it right, when are you going to find the time to do it again?

Support: Things change, new products are introduced, new business processes are implemented. From Go-Live to Been-Live. We are your change control experts. Remote support is offered at a considerable savings.


Training: Training isnít a just 3 day event, it needs to be constant throughout the project. There is as much to learn in the design phase as the build phase. Understanding why we used one approach/technique vs. another will ensure your employees can design the next product line by themselves. If you desire a custom 3-5 day course let us know. We will deliver it onsite using your system with your product models. For about the same price, SAP delivers generic training, to 19 other students, from different industries, in a class where specific questions for your business are frowned upon.


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